Who Am I?

“I like things to happen, and if they don’t happen I like to make them happen.”

 – Sir Winston Churchill

I cause change, I find solutions, I make things happen.

Having spent the bulk of my software development career working for startups, designing and writing software prototypes, finding solutions to hard problems, even being a hands-on CTO who truly cares about teams and customers. Been that tenacious person who, through drive, active listening, analysis, research, design, and hard work who is able to discover innovative product solutions.

I have led and managed teams from 2 to 15 developers and staff. I have been the de facto manager who leads teams when no one else would lead them. I have hired and fired, set goals for and reviewed, and lead several teams for about five years of experience.

I have converted analog systems to digital to eliminate hardware and system costs. I have translated human works flows to digital programs reducing costs by saving time. I have converted legacy software systems into the object-oriented, model view controller, or functional programming systems improving performance and lower maintenance costs.

I have designed and created prototypes on many platforms to include IOS, and working product versions of device drivers in C, networked client and server systems in C++, distributed processing applications using micro-services, lambda, internet-based video recording systems with Ruby on Rails, re-engineered a telephony codec, and bare-metal installations of Linux to run Hadoop HDFS in VMs on local clusters. I have designed and implemented technology frameworks and systems that have impacted today’s cloud base computing systems such as Azure and AWS.

I have done customer interviews with sales & marketing teams defining customers’ needs and wants as requirement documents. Created write-ups, diagrams, and user stories presented to stakeholders across departments, specifications, budgets, designs and project plans to the individual level. I set work patterns, limits, and goals with progress reviews that focused on the team’s work priorities before problems halted progress. Teams iterated through development problems by working to a plan, fixing, and documenting changes back into the plan.

I have presented technological solutions in countries where English is not the first language. Have done technical and sales presentations before CEOs & boards. I have been the innovative big idea person who converted real problems into elegant solutions by being good at convincing others we can do better working as a team.

I obtained my Bachelor’s of  Applied Management Information Systems with Operations Manager,  via online courses from the University of NC, Pembroke (HND Level 6)

You might be curious as to why someone with a recent degree in Brewing would be looking to reenter the software world. Sometimes you need to take advantage of available opportunities to find solutions to problems through change.